Frequently Asked Questions

The R. F. Orchids team answers your inquiries

Shipping Instructions – Conditions Of Sale

Domestic Transactions: Unless otherwise specified, all orders are shipped by USPS Priority Mail/Express Mail or UPS Ground and are charged a packing and shipping charge as specified below. Large orders or oversize packages may be shipped by UPS or air freight, with net freight billed to the customer’s credit card or freight account. Some very large plants, or certain blooming plants with large inflorescences, may require oversize cartons that are subject to USPS or UPS surcharges. We reserve the right to hold shipments during periods of inclement weather; we do not use “heat packs.” Federal Express or other expedited shipping services are available at additional cost.

In general, orders are shipped to arrive within 12 days after the order date, weather permitting.

For orders requiring date-specific delivery and for up-to-date costs for shipments to your state, please call (305-245-4570) or email your requirements to

If shipping name or address is different from billing name and address, please specify the recipient’s name, shipping address and telephone number. If the order is a gift, please specify the gift card message. Please be aware that the orchid(s) you select may not be in bloom at the time of the order; if you require a blooming orchid for a gift, contact us directly.

If you authorize substitution for plants not available at time of your order is received, we’ll select something with approximately the same or greater value, size and expectancy, or you may authorize substitution to your specifications.

We will add the appropriate tax, packing and shipping charges, and document fees, if applicable. Plant shipments to Hawaii must be accompanied by a phytosanitary certificate ($75.00 fee). For Hawaii shipments, please forward a copy of your import permit.

Payment must be made in advance, by credit card or PayPal for online orders. We accept checks, money orders and cash at the nursery. We are unable to adjust PayPal charges through our shopping cart software. PayPal refunds will be made by R.F. Orchids gift cards.

We do not accept C.O.D. orders. Orders are filled in the sequence they are received. Occasionally shipments may be delayed pending more moderate weather conditions. All offerings are subject to prior sale. We reserve the right to withdraw any offering from sale and to limit quantities. We guarantee all plants to be true to identity. We make no warranty as to the productiveness of any plants sold. Our responsibility shall be limited to the purchase price, in any case.


Q: The plants arrived, thank you, but there was no dirt in the crate. What do I do?

A: Your orchid is growing in a basket, which mimics the growing conditions in the plant’s native habitat (if a hybrid, the conditions where its ancestors live). Most cultivated orchids are epiphytes, meaning that they live on the branches and trunks of trees, with their roots exposed to the air. These plants do not grow in soil, so that’s why there’s no “dirt in the crate.” Please refer to our culture sheets for more detailed information.


Q: How can I get one of your catalogs?

A: We no longer print our catalog, sorry. Our listing is available here on the site (select “order orchids online” from the top menu bar). It’s much more up-to-date than a printed catalog would be, and we have photos for most items. You can sign up for our email list by filling in the form on the left side of any catalog page. We don’t send spam (we hate it, too), but from time to time we send announcements, special offers and that sort of thing.


Q: I saw your ad in the AOS magazine, about three years ago, for ten seedlings. Are these still available?

A: No, sorry. Our AOS specials were time-limited, as the ad stated. We have new special offers every 2-4 weeks on our website. You can order the current special in our online catalog.

From time to time we do offer special seedling collections.


Q: Why are your shipping charges so high? I buy orchids elsewhere and they don’t charge as much for shipping!

A: We specialize in vandaceous orchids, and in general, the plants can be much larger and bulkier than many of the non-vandaceous orchids other nurseries sell. We have to pack them accordingly, and all of the shipping services (USPS, UPS, FedEx, etc.) charge by “dimensional weight”. This means the size of the box — more than the weight — determines the amount of the shipping charge. All of the shipping services use “zone” pricing as well, so the farther you are from us in Homestead, the more it costs to ship to you.


Q: Our orchid society is planning a bus excursion. Can we visit R.F. Orchids?

A: Yes, of course! We’d love for you to visit us. Groups are always welcome, but please contact us to schedule your group in advance.


Q: Can our orchid society purchase auction plants from you?

A: Absolutely! Please contact us in writing on society letterhead with pertinent information about the club and event.


Q: I’d love to order from your website, but I don’t like using a credit card online, even on a “secure” site. How can I pay for my order?

A: You can email or fax the order to us (see our “contact” information), or you can call our toll-free order line during our normal business hours (9-5 Eastern time, Tuesday – Sunday; we are closed on Mondays and some major holidays).


Q: I have one of the AOS’s membership renewal coupons. How can I use this coupon when I place an order on your website?

A: Contact us as soon as possible after you place the order, either by email (, fax (305-247-6568) or telephone (305-245-4570), to let us know that you will be using the coupon for the order. Then send the original coupon to us; we can’t complete your order until we have the original coupon. We will need your credit card information to adjust the charges on the order; our shopping software can’t, at this time, calculate the AOS coupon’s value.


Q: I have a gift certificate. How can I use it when I place an order on your website?

A: Contact us as soon as possible after you place the order, either by email (, fax (305-247-6568) or telephone (305-245-4570), to let us know that you will be using a gift certificate for the order. Then send the original gift certificate to us; we can’t complete your order until we have the original gift certificate returned to us. We will need your credit card information to adjust the charges on the order; our shopping software can’t, at this time, calculate the gift certificate’s value.


Q: I want to send a gift orchid to a friend. Can you ship to Arizona?

A: Yes! The State of Arizona has changed its inspection and quarantine regulations and, effective January, 2016, we are able to resume plant shipments to Arizona.


Q: I live in Hawaii. Can you ship orchids to Hawaii?

A: Yes, certainly we can ship to Hawaii, but you must have an import permit from the State of Hawaii (contact your local agriculture authorities), and we must have a copy of that permit, before we schedule the required plant inspection. Hawaii requires a phytosanitary certificate. This is an official document issued by the State of Florida Dept. of Agriculture, stating that the plants in the shipment are free of certain pests and diseases. The certificate (often called a “phyto” for short) is only issued after the plants are inspected by the Florida Dept. of Agriculture. We must segregate the plants in your order, schedule an inspection, and pay the State of Florida for the inspection and the phytosanitary certificate. Currently the fee for the inspection and certificate is $75.00. You can fax a copy of your Hawaii import permit to us, 305-247-6568.


Q: What is the admission charge?

A: There is no charge for admission to the nursery, and our weekend garden tours are suspended due to the pandemic. We can schedule a garden tour at other times or on other days, but we do charge for those tours, the fee is $100.00 for groups of up to 10 people, as this affects our staffing for the day. We also have to be sure we have a formidable tour guide available for the group. Contact us (info for more information about group arrangements for garden tours. The nursery is open Tuesday – Sunday, 9am to 5pm. We are closed on Mondays and a few major holidays.


Q: The property is so beautiful, is it available for photo shoots?

A: Within some limits, yes.

  • All location shoots are limited to the nursery front garden property
  • Shooting date must be reserved at least one week in advance
  • available dates may be limited
  • Weekdays only, Wednesday and Thursday are best
  • Business hours only, 8:30am – 5:00pm
  • For commercial photo shoots:
    $1,200 per day with no heavy equipment
  • For larger groups or groups with trailers, RVs etc. price will be negotiated
  • Must provide a certificate of insurance for the day for $1,000,000
  • 50% deposit ($600.00) required to secure a date
  • Additional charge of $200 per hour or fraction thereof outside of business hours
  • For portrait photographers, for family and individual portraits, including quinceañeras:
  • 6 people or less, $150 for each shoot (max 3 hours)
  • More than 6 people, commercial rates (above) apply