At their February meeting, AOS judges at the West Palm Beach Judging Center granted a total of thirteen awards to our orchids. Thirteen in one day! We’re thrilled and humbled at this recognition. The awards included our 27th Award of Quality (AQ/AOS) for the hybrid Vanda Nanette Zapata, and five plants of this gorgeous hybrid also received individual flower quality awards, including two FCC/AOS, the AOS’s highest award for flower quality! These represent our 44th and 45th FCC/AOS awards. Also two plants received flower quality awards and culture awards, again, the AOS’s highest award for orchid culture, the Certificate of Cultural Excellence (CCE/AOS). The CCE is actually awarded to the grower, not to the plant, and these awards are our 12th and 13th CCEs. (We have more than 100 AOS awards for culture.) And three other orchids received flower-quality awards, too.

Thanks very much to Tom Kuligowski for allowing us to present these beautiful award images here.

And, by the way, plants of both V. Nanette Zapata and Van. Christy McGunagle are available in our online catalog.

February, 2020 AOS Awards:

And remember, we love to brag on the awards our customers receive on the orchids they purchase from us, so if any of your RF-sourced plants receive recognition, let us know about it! Send us the award details and a photo we can post here (we always credit the photographer!) and we’ll brag on you, too! If you don’t have the award photo we’ll be happy to contact the photographer on your behalf, just let us know whom to contact.