We are humbled to receive the 2018 Roy T. Fukumura Award from the American Orchid Society, for our Aerdv. Somsri Sunlight ‘Golden Sands’ AM/AOS.

Aerdv. Somsri Sunlight ‘Golden Sands’ AM/AOS

This award is given “to the grower of the orchid plant, either species or hybrid, as the most outstanding example of the genus Vanda, those genera in the subtribe Aeridinae which hybridize with Vanda, and their intergeneric hybrids, excluding Phalaenopsis, awarded during the preceding calendar year.” The American Orchid Society Board of Trustees voted on these awards at their October meeting. This is the seventh time we have been honored with this prestigious recognition. Thanks to Tom Kuligowski for the award image.


From time to time we register hybrids in honor of someone we know, or in memory of someone important to us. We recently registered Pdn. Juraj Kojs in honor of the very accomplished professor at the University of Miami’s Frost School of Music.

Juraj Kojs with his namesake!

Juraj is a composer and performer, but more importantly, he’s an orchid lover (you can read all about his artistic career and accolades on his website) and he visits us regularly.

The hybrid is a cross of Paraphalaenopsis labukensis and Seidenfadenia mitrata, and we actually have it available in our catalog. Here’s Juraj at the nursery on the day we presented him with plants of his namesake. To say he was speechless is an understatement!

Now Showing

We specialize in vandaceous orchids – vandas and their relatives – so we have a lot of them in the garden as well as in our catalog.

V. Princess Mikasa

The species are seasonal bloomers, of course, but many of the hybrids can bloom several (or even many!) times a year with good care. Needless to say we take very good care of all the orchids here, and so many of the hybrid vanda relatives in the garden put on quite a show frequently. These are just two examples of the beautiful vanda relatives blooming in the garden now, two cultivars of V. [Ascda.] Princess Mikasa, and a Vandachostylis (Vasco.) Pine Rivers.

Van Pine Rivers

We hope you can join one of our free weekend garden tours to see all these beautiful tropical plants, orchids, rare palms and more. These are escorted walking tours of Bob’s and Mike’s private garden, Saturdays and Sundays at 11am and 3pm, weather permitting (not raining and not too hot). We also do one in Spanish on Sundays at 2pm (again, weather permitting). No reservation is necessary, just please be here on time and meet your guide at the bridge. We’re pleased to arrange tours for clubs or groups, too, on other days. Just contact us to make arrangements for your club or group; we do charge a nominal fee for these private tours, as they affect our staffing for the day.

Virtual Garden Tour

We understand that some of you aren’t able to visit us in Homestead, so you can take a “virtual” garden tour if you like. We have a photo gallery on the “garden tour” page, and you can also watch several videos that have been shot here. Remember that the garden changes with the seasons, so some of the plants blooming in the gallery and/or the videos won’t necessarily be blooming now.

Looking for a Gift?

Nobody would be happier than us if all our orchids were in bloom all the time! But the truth is that they aren’t, so please be reminded that a photo in the catalog doesn’t mean the plant is blooming at the time you place an order! Our standard policy is to ship plants in spike if we have them at the time of the order. Some of our orchids – the species, particularly – are very seasonal and only bloom at a certain time of the year; we try to include that bloom season in the description. Some orchids can bloom more than once a year (we try to note that, too), but not a single one blooms every day of the year. So if you’re purchasing orchids for a gift, and you want something in bloom, the best thing is to contact us by phone or email so we can help select something blooming.