New Video of R.F. Orchids!

Got two minutes? Check out this terrific new video of the nursery and garden. We do hope you can visit when you’re in South Florida, but this is the next best thing to being here!

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That new video includes some views of the garden as well as of the nursery, but of course the garden changes with the seasons and so there’s always something new happening. November is the month for Vanda luzonica, and we have an absolutely gorgeous one blooming right now.

Welcome to R.F Orchids, Dragonfly Media from Dragonfly Media on Vimeo.

You don’t even need to join a garden tour to see it! The plant is growing in a large Dracaena beside the driveway. It’s a beautiful thing!

The weather is improving, so we hope you’ll visit the nursery and join one of our free weekend garden tours. This is an escorted walking tour of Bob and Mike’s garden – full of fascinating tropical plants, rare palms, orchids in the trees and lots more! We do it every Saturday and Sunday, weather permitting, at 11am and 3pm. You don’t need a reservation, just plan to be here a few minutes before the start of the tour. Meet your guide at the bridge. We can also schedule a garden tour for a group – contact us for details.