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Tropical Delights in the Garden!

Sabinea carinalis

Lots of gorgeous stuff blooming right now, you really need to come see it all on one of our free weekend garden tours!

The Carib wood, Sabinea carinalis, is in full bloom, just stunning. This is the national flowering tree of the island of Dominica in the Caribbean. Neat thing about it, it usually flowers from leafless stems, so the effect is amazing. Lots and lots of orchids blooming, too, including Cattleya skinneri (syn. Guarianthe skinneri), Cattleya lueddemanniana, Dendrobium superbum (syn. Den. anosmum), Smbl. Diamond Head, Vasco. Pine Rivers and lots more!

Solandra longifloria variegata

The variegated chalice vine (Solandra longifloria variegata) has the most amazing new growth, everyone asks about it. The new leaves are purple, and they eventually fade through pink to white and green.

Some of the gingers are starting to bloom again, including Costus spicatus, and of course we have flowers on the jade vine (Strongylodon macrobotrys) and the Indian clock vine (Thunbergia mysorensis), too. It’s been dry recently, so the bougainvilleas are exploding with color, including a huge one that has climbed up into a satinleaf tree next to the pond.

You can see all of this, and lots more, on one of our free weekend garden tours! Every weekend, weather permitting, we escort a walking tour of Bob’s and Mike’s private garden at 11am and 3pm, Saturday and Sunday. You don’t need a reservation, just be here a few minutes before start time, and meet your guide at the bridge. We can arrange private tours for groups at other times, for a nominal fee, please contact us to make your arrangements.

And remember, the nursery is open daily except Mondays (and a few major holidays) from 9am to 5pm. We have an amazing selection of fine orchids (species, hybrids, mericlones) in many genera. No admission charge, free parking, and a cold drink, too! We hope you can visit soon!

Cattleya skinneri

Dendrobium superbum

Cattleya lueddemanniana


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