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On The Road!

Well, on the causeway… Bob’s headed over to the Miami Beach Botanical Garden on Saturday, January 21 for a 10am program on “Orchids in the Landscape”. This is a free program, part of the Garden’s “third Saturday” lecture/seminar series. Bob will also have plants for sale. We hope you can attend! Contact the garden fror more information.

Winter on Sunday

It was very chilly here this past Sunday morning, temps down into the 40s, which is posiively arctic by our standards. Windy, too, so we dropped all the plastic on the shadehouses and moved a lot of plants into sheltered areas. Everything is fine, thanks for all the concern. If we don’t get any colder weather than that this winter, we’ll be perfectly happy. We do hope that all our friends north of here and out west, where the weather has been horrible, are safe, warm and dry.

Now Showing

Rhyncholaelia glauca

We have a lot of gorgeous, interesting things blooming in the garden right now. We mentioned the specimen Rhy. gigantea last week, it’s still blooming. Another of our winter favorites, Rhyncholaelia glauca, is in full bloom, and the Oncidium Twinkles are covered with beautiful little flowers. The Indian clock vine has been showing a few flowers (nothing like the big display we expect in another few weeks, though). We’ve had intermittent flowers on the vanilla vines, and the white bird of paradise is blooming, too. The big Angraecum giryamae ‘Breckinridge” is flowering, and so are the Amazon lilies (Eucharis grandiflora).

Oncidium Twinkle

You can see all of this, and lots more, on one of our free weekend garden tours. Every Saturday and Sunday, weather permitting (read: not raining), we escort a 45-60 minute walking tour of Bob’s and Mike’s private garden at 11am and 3pm. No reservation is necessary, just be here a few minutes before start-time. Meet your guide at the bridge. (For a nominal fee, we can arrange private garden tours for groups at other times, please contact us for details.)

Winter Orchid Camp Schedule

There’s still time to register for one or more of our orchid culture classes. The winter series began January 7, so please send us your class registration very soon. If you need a reminder about the class schedule, you can download the schedule brochure here. Tip: if you have trouble viewing the brochure in your broswer, download the file to your computer and view it with Adobe Acrobat Reader. Some web browser PDF-viewers don’t handle displaying the file very well.

Orchid Care Info

We understand that not everyone can come to Homestead for our orchid culture classes. All is not lost! Check out our orchid care information right here on the site! We have information pages on growing vandas, cattleyas, phalaenopsis, and four different groups of dendrobiums. We’ll be adding more topics in the near future, so stay tuned!

A Note About Winter Shipping

At this time of year we may hold your order if we believe the weather conditions are unsuitable for standard shipping. We do monitor the weather daily, and we’ll ship as soon as we think it’s safe to do so. We appreciate your patience during weather-related delays. Expedited (overnight) shipping may be an option, at an additional charge. We do not use “heat packs”. Conditions here in south Florida are warm; if we put a heat pack in the box before shipping the plants will be cooked long before the box gets to its destination.

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