Join a Walking Tour Through Our Private Garden 

We know that many of you can’t make it to Homestead to see us, so we thought we’d share some images from around R.F. Orchids.

The entry to the nursery is a gateway to our showroom and greenhouses. There’s always an orchid show going on! Every day, we have hundreds if not thousands of blooming orchids on display, with many thousands more in the adjacent shadehouses. Visitors are welcome during our regular business hours (9 to 5 daily except Mondays and a few major holidays). When you arrive, we’ll greet you and offer you a cold drink (our treat, our famous “juice” recipe), and you’ll meet some of our birds, including Cookie, the yellow-nape amazon at the entry; noisy Ivy, our umbrella cockatoo, and very noisy Romeo, another cockatoo, both in the showroom.

Bob and Mike live on the property and they have an extraordinary tropical garden around the residence. On weekends, weather permitting, we escort walking tours of this amazing garden (11am and 3pm, Saturdays and Sundays). It’s filled with lots of orchids, of course, but there’s a big collection of exotic tropical plants, rare palms and lots more to experience. Like all gardens, it changes with the seasons, so we encourage visitors to return periodically to see what’s new. Many of the orchids established in the trees bloom only once a year (but what a show when they do!), and many of the tropical plants have a blooming season, too. If you needed an excuse to come see us from time to time, this is it!

We have more birds in the garden (macaws, conures, parakeets, finches), and some other interesting critters as well. Sharp eyes might even spot a hawk or hummingbird!

Note that we can also schedule garden tours for groups. Contact us for more information.

We do hope you can see all of this in person, but if you can’t, here’s a sampling of the nursery and the garden, spring and summer. Thanks to Susan Fuchs and Ron Hunt for several of the photos.


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