2018 Orchid Camp Schedule

Our regular class schedule is under way, with five Saturday classes on different orchid care topics. Download the information brochure and contact us to register.  (You’ll need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view this file)

Staying In Touch

We periodically send email notices out, with announcements about things we think may be of interest (events, sales, new tour itineraries and that sort of thing, no spam, we promise!). At the bottom of those emails are some links, one of them to update your “profile”, so if you get a minute, let us know your ZIP (postal) code. That way we can tailor some of these announcements to your geographic area (a sale at the nursery doesn’t do our friends overseas or in California a lot of good, does it?). And of course if you move, we’ll appreciate knowing your new address. And if you’re not on our email list already, you can sign up for it at the lower left on any page of the catalog.

Ordering Gifts

We’re delighted to be your go-to source for orchid gifts. Please contact us, though, if you’re looking for something in bloom or an arrangement. Much as we wish all our orchids were in bloom all the time, the truth is that they aren’t. So just because there’s a picture of a beautiful flower in a catalog listing, that doesn’t mean the plant is in bloom at the time you place an order. We’re delighted to select blooming plants to send as gifts, just let us know the details. If the recipient is an orchid enthusiast, we also have gift cards which allow your special someone to choose what he or she likes best.


Property Rentals

We get a lot of inquiries about renting the front garden area for events. You can download our FAQ about the rentals here. The PDF includes basic facility information, and how to contact our Events Manager. (You’ll need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view this file, too)

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