Happy New Year!

Our warmest wishes to all our friends for the best of everything in the new year! We’ll be closed on New Year’s Day, Monday, Jan. 1. We will be open regular hours Jan. 2-7. (reminder: we’re always closed on Mondays, holiday or no)

Now Showing

We ought not to complain about our current warmer-than-normal weather, not when so many folks up north are battling serious winter conditions. So we won’t, other than to note it seems to be affecting the blooming cycle on some familiar plants. Epi. stamfordianum usually blooms in late winter or early spring (March, more or less), but we have had a lot of them blooming in the past few weeks. Onc. Twinkle usually blooms around the same time, but the plants are covered with buds now. Same deal with the Indian clock vine, it has actually produced an early flush of flowers as well. We never complain when plants bloom, even out of season!

You can see all of this, and lots more, on one of our free weekend garden tours. Every Saturday and Sunday, weather permitting, we escort a walking tour of Bob’s and Mike’s private garden at 11am and 3pm. No reservation necessary, just be here a few minutes before start-time. The tour runs about an hour, we hope you can join us for it some time soon. It’s a garden, it changes with the seasons, so there’s always something new going on. We can arrange garden tours for groups, too, please contact us.

Can’t make it for a garden tour? You can take a virtual tour here

Culture tip

Very few orchids are happy in dry air, even if they require a dry winter resting period. The plants survive these dry seasons in their native habitats because the humidity is relatively high even if rainfall is low. Moisture in the air can produce dew or fog, and the plants benefit from this. Indoors, with winter heating (or air conditioning in summer) running, the humidity can drop to desert levels. Try to keep the humidity in your growing area above 50%, always with good air circulation, and your plants – and you! —  will be much healthier through the winter.

A Note About Winter Shipping

At this time of year we may hold your order if we believe the weather conditions are unsuitable for standard shipping. We do monitor the weather daily, and we’ll ship as soon as we think it’s safe to do so. We appreciate your patience during weather-related delays. Expedited (overnight) shipping may be an option, at an additional charge. We do not use “heat packs”. Conditions here in south Florida are warm; if we put a heat pack in the box before shipping the plants will be cooked long before the box gets to its destination.

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