August AOS Awards

Bob with Van. Crownfox Magic ‘Dulce’ AM/AOS

Judges at the West Palm Beach Judging Center recognized three of our orchids at their August meeting. We’re honored to announce Van. Crownfox Magic ‘Dulce’ AM/AOS, V. Mary Takahashi ‘Crownfox’ HCC/AOS, and Prra. Hot Lips ‘Copper Bird’ AM/AOS. Note that we have plants of Van. Crownfox Magic ‘Dulce’ AM/AOS and plants of the hybrid V. Mary Takahashi in our catalog! And we’re pleased to announce that Jim Longwell of Naples, Florida, received an AM/AOS on his plant of Aerdv. Christine Patton ‘Naples Sunset’. We’ll have the award images to post soon, but in the meantime, here are some snaphots taken after judging on Saturday.

And remember, we love to brag on the awards our customers receive on the orchids they purchase from us, so if you get something awarded, let us know about it and we’ll brag on you! Send us the award details and a photo that we can use here on the site (we always credit the photographer!), and we’ll post it here.


Looking for a Gift?

Bob with Prra. Hot Lips ‘Copper Bird’ AM/AOS and V. Mary Takahashi ‘Crownfox’ HCC/AOS

Nobody would be happier than us if all our orchids were in bloom all the time! But the truth is that they aren’t, so please be reminded that a photo in the catalog doesn’t mean the plant is blooming at the time you place an order! Our standard policy is to ship plants in spike if we have them at the time of the order. Some of our orchids – the species, particularly – are very seasonal and only bloom at a certain time of the year; we try to include that bloom season in the description. Some orchids can bloom more than once a year (we try to note that, too), but not a single one blooms every day of the year. So if you’re purchasing orchids for a gift, and you want something in bloom, the best thing is to contact us by phone or email so we can help select something blooming. Use the email contact for “sales” for fastest service.

And, speaking of contacting us, please be sure our email addresses are correct. Even though we changed our email from an ancient AOL address more than ten years ago, some folks still try to reach us at that old address. Please zap it and update your address book! We don’t monitor that AOL mailbox closely at all, so don’t use it! Our current email addresses are on the contact page, and yes, there’s a space between the mail ID and “at”. That helps prevent the evil spambots from harvesting the addresses, just delete the space and everything will be fine.

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Property Rentals

We get a lot of inquiries about renting the front garden area for events. You can download our FAQ about the rentals here. The PDF includes basic facility information, and how to contact our Events Manager. (You’ll need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view this file)

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