August Special #2



Rhy. gigantea (pink)

August Special #2

Two unusual color forms of Rhynchostylis gigantea!

 Rhynchostylis gigantea – pink form

A very rare pink form of this popular winter-blooming species. Very fragrant, waxy bright pink flowers in December/January.

Rhynchostylis gigantea – “cartoon” form

Most unusual deep magenta markings on waxy, very fragrant white flowers, with a deep magenta lip. Blooms in December/January.

Rhy. gigantea (“cartoon”)

For a limited time and while our supplies last, we’ll ship one each of these blooming size species orchid plants for only $49.95, plus packing and shipping (and Florida sales tax, if applicable). You save thirty bucks off regular catalog pricing!

 Offer expires September 1, 2017

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