Mike and Paola with her loot

A big round of applause for Paola Moseley, of Cutler Bay. Paola won the grand prize orchid collection at our Summer Sizzler Sale this past weekend. Here she is with Mike and all her loot, an amazing collection of mixed genera. “I had to bring my lucky charm,” she said, pointing to neighbor Debbie Sagan (not pictured). “She’s my orchid muse!” We hope Paola, with guidance from Debbie, enjoys all her new orchids!

It was great to see everyone during the weekend, thanks to all who came to the nursery for the sale!

Property Rentals

We get a lot of inquiries about renting the front garden area for events. You can download our FAQ about the rentals here. The PDF includes basic facility information, and how to contact our Events Manager. (You’ll need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view this file

Now Showing

Grammatophyllum scriptum v. citrinum

Lots of beautiful things blooming in the garden now, you should come see them on one of our free weekend garden tours! Summer is the season for a lot of Encyclias, and we have a bunch blooming now incuding our native Encyclia tampensis. .Some Encyclias are amazingly fragrant! We also have some Schomburgkias and Grammatophyllums in flower, a lot of Broughtonias, too. The Neost. Lou Snearys (also super-fragrant) are flowering, and so is a very rare Oncidium stacyi.

Every weekend, weather permitting, we escort free walking tours of Bob’s and Mike’s private garden at 11am and 3pm, Saturdays and Sundays. This is a gorgeous tropical garden, full of fascinating exotic plants, palms orchids and lots more. We hope you can come see it!  No reservations is necessary, just be here a few minutes before start-time, and meet your guide at the bridge. We can set up tours for groups, too, just contact us in advance for details of group arrangements.

Need Help?

We field a lot of “what’s wrong with my orchid?!” calls and emails. There are some common themes, which we do our best to explain, but it’s also common that we can’t help even if we want to because the folks contacting us don’t give us enough information to puzzle out the problem and suggest a remedy. Without knowing what kind of orchid it is, and what its growing conditions are, there’s not a lot we can do to assist. For example, a frequent question is about “black spots” on the leaves… and our usual answer is that without seeing the spots, we can’t diagnose the problem. “Black spots” can be any of a half-dozen or more issues, some of them serious, some not so serious, and some nothing at all to worry about. But we can’t know that if we can’t see the leaves and spots in question. If you can send us a photo or two, that will help, but the photos need to be close enough for detail, in-focus, and have good lighting. Dark, out-of-focus images from ten feet away aren’t going to tell us what we need to know in order to offer recommendations to solve problems. So help us to help you…if you have a problem orchid, give us as much detailed information about it as you can.

If you need information about how to care for your orchid plant, note that we have some orchid care guides here on our website (select the “Orchid Care” tab on the top menu bar), and the American Orchid Society has an extensive library of orchid care information on their site as well.

Culture note

As if hurricane season isn’t enough hassle, it’s also rainy season here. So conditions around South Florida are hot, muggy and often wet. Orchids love this even if we don’t, but it means constant vigilance against fungal and bacterial rot problems. We spray if we have to, and we also keep air circulation brisk in the greenhouses. Stagnant air is an enemy of your plants, too, so anything you can do to improve the air circulation in your growing area will be a good thing. Special note: beware of too-wet conditions for your cattleyas, especially if they are potted (rather than mounted). Cattleyas hate to be wet, and they can rot very quickly. During wet weather, make sure your potted cattleyas are under cover!

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