June AOS Awards

Encyclia Crownfox Chocolate Star ‘Athena’ AM/AOS

Judges at the West Palm Beach Judging Center of the American Orchid Society [AOS] granted three flower quality awards to R.F. Orchids’ entries last month. We are very honored to have received another flower-quality award on a plant of Encyclia Crownfox Chocolate Star, this one granted to the cultivar ‘Athena’ AM/AOS. This is the second award to plants of this hybrid! Note that we still have plants of this same population in our catalog!

The other two awarded plants were Epidendrum Bridal Showers ‘Everglades’ AM/AOS, and Vanda (Aerides) flabellata ‘Robert’ JC/AOS.  We have meristems of this one in the catalog, too! Thanks to Tom Kuligowski for the award images.

And remember, we love to brag on the awards our customers receive on the orchids they purchase from us, so if you get something awarded, let us know and we’ll brag on you, too! Send us the details, and a photo we can publish here on the site (we always credit the photographers!), and we’ll include your award here in “News”.

On The Road

Epi. Bridal Showers ‘Everglades’ AM/AOS

Mike will be presenting the July program for the Long Island Orchid Society, on Thursday, July 13. The topic will be “Vanda Culture”, and he will have plants for sale, too. The club meets at Knights of Columbus, Joseph Barry Council 2520, 45 Heitz Place, Hicksville, NY 11801

Hot Stuff

The weather’s heating up nearly everywhere in the US, which is a good thing after the brutal winter so many people experienced, although some folks are experiencing a serious heat wave. We just wanted to remind everyone that orchids (and other plants) are living things, and should never be left unattended in a hot vehicle. You wouldn’t leave a child or pet in the car, so please don’t leave your orchids in the car, either. Just in the past two weeks we’ve had to diagnose heat damage on several customers’ plants. The symptoms include leaf burn and flower damage. It only takes a few minutes in a hot car to fatally cook the plants!


Visiting R.F. Orchids

V. [Aer.] flabellata ‘Robert’ JC/AOS

Needless to say, we get lots of phone calls and emails from folks who want to visit, and many of them involve the same questions: how much is admission, and can we see the orchids on weekdays? Let’s clear this up! We are open to the public 9am to 5pm, 6 days a week (closed on Mondays and a few major holidays), visitors are welcome during those hours, and there is no admission charge! If you do come see us, the public areas of the nursery (including four of our shadehouses) are open, you’re welcome to wander in them. Our weekend garden tours are escorted walks through the private residential portion of the property. Note also that local shows and orchid-related events have no effect on our hours…we’re open! Please come see us!

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