May AOS Awards

We’re thrilled to announce our most recent flower-quality awards from the American Orchid Society. At their regular May meeting, judges from the West Palm Beach Judging Center granted five flower quality awards to our entries. Honored were V. [Ascda.] Suksamran Sunlight ‘Crownfox Tangerine’ HCC/AOS, Encyclia Crownfox Chocolate Star ‘Crownfox’ AM/AOS, V. Carla Wood ‘Crownfox Martian Sunrise’ AM/AOS, V. Eileen DeVries ‘Crownfox’ HCC/AOS and V. Hawaiian Verde ‘Crownfox Limefreeze’ AM/AOS. Note that we have Enc. Crownfox Chocolate Star and V. Carla Wood in our catalog; the awarded cultivars came from these hybrid populations. See the photos below!

And we’re also delighted to report that Mike and Angie Pitiriciu, very longtime customers and friends, also received an AM/AOS on their Vanda tessellata ‘AM Orchids’, which they purchased from us years ago. Congratulations, Mike and Angie!

Thanks to Tom Kuligowski for the award images!

BTW, we absolutely love to brag on the awards our customers receive on the orchids they purchase from us, so if you get something awarded, let us know about it and we’ll brag on you, too! Send us the particulars, and a photo we can use here on the website (we always credit the photographer!). If you need us to contact the award photographer, let us know.

Father’s Day is June 18

Don’t forget Dad! Be sure we have your order by June 11 in order to get it packed and shipped in time to reach him by his special day! If you’re not sure what to order for him, remember we have gift cards, too, so he can order what he’s lusting after!

Hot Stuff

The weather’s warming up nearly everywhere in the US, which is a good thing after the brutal winter so many people experienced. We just wanted to remind everyone that orchids (and other plants) are living things, and should never be left unattended in a hot vehicle. You wouldn’t leave a child or pet in the car, so please don’t leave your orchids in the car, either. Just in the past two weeks we’ve had to diagnose heat damage on several customers’ plants. The symptoms include leaf burn and flower damage. It only takes a few minutes in a hot car to fatally cook the plants!


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