New Catalog Section

We’ve just added a new category to our online catalog – “In Spike This Week”. We’ll try to keep this updated more or less weekly, to give you an idea of the orchids that are coming in to spike, to bloom soon. We prefer to ship in-spike rather than in-bloom plants (if we have them, of course, at the time of your order), as they travel a bit better. So please keep an eye on that new category…we hope you’ll see something you can’t live without!

Shipping Rates to Increase on June 1

We really hate to do it, but we’re going to make a small increase to our shipping rates, effective June 1, 2016. This is the first shipping increase in more than 4 years, and it follows substantial increases from the shipping services we use (USPS and UPS) during that length of time. The services have implemented several rate hikes during the past 4 years, and we haven’t passed them along to our customers until now. Just about everything has increased a bit – our shipping supplies, for example, as well as the postal and UPS rates – and so, reluctantly, we have to increase our charges for standard shipping. Rates will increase by $5 in each zone category on June 1.

More AOS Awards!

Lcn. Taiwan Orange 'Redland Sunset' AM/AOS

Lcn. Taiwan Orange ‘Redland Sunset’ AM/AOS

We are very pleased to announce the receipt of three more flower-quality awards from the American Orchid Society. At their March meeting, judges from the West Palm Beach judging center granted awards to Blc. Fuchs Orange Nuggett ‘Lea’ AM/AOS, Lcn. Taiwan Orange ‘Redland Sunset’ AM/AOS, and Epi. stamfordianum ‘Crownfox Pink Panther’ HCC/AOS.

Thanks to Tom Kuligowski for the award images!

Update Your Tags!

Note the award to Blc. Fuchs Orange Nuggett ‘Lea’ AM/AOS – this gorgeous meristem has been in our catalog for a while (it’s one of our very favorite cattleyas!), so if you purchased one from us in the past, update the tag to reflect this award.

Blc. Fuchs Orange Nuggett 'Lea' AM/AOS

Blc. Fuchs Orange Nuggett ‘Lea’ AM/AOS


It was terrific to see so many of you during the Redland Festival, at the sales tent and at the nursery! We hope you enjoyed the weekend. The weather was a little warm (what else is new at this time of the year?) but it didn’t rain this year, and there weren’t any brush fires. So it was good all around.

Free Weekend Garden Tours

Don’t’ forget, we have free escorted walking tours of Bob’s and Mike’s private garden on weekends, weather permitting! Tours are scheduled for 11am and 3pm, Saturdays and Sundays. It’s a beautiful tropical garden full of exotic plants, rare palms, orchids in the trees and lots more! No reservation is necessary, just please be here a few minutes before start-time, and meet your guide at the bridge.

Epi. stamfordianum 'Crownfox Pink Panther' AM/AOS

Epi. stamfordianum ‘Crownfox Pink Panther’ AM/AOS

We can schedule garden tours for groups, with advance reservations. Contact us for details.


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