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AOS Awards in February

Lc. Redland Ruby ‘Amy’ AM/AOS

We were honored to receive two flower-quality awards from the American Orchid Society last month. At their February meeting, judges at the West Palm Beach Judging Center recognized Lc. Redland Ruby ‘Amy’ AM/AOS and Epi. stamfordianum ‘In The Pink’ HCC/AOS. This latter award is the third individual flower-quality award to our AQ/AOS population of Epi. stamfordianum (‘Crownfox Jewel’ AM/AOS × ‘Pinkie’ AM/AOS). Thanks to Tom Kuligowski for the award images!

Reminder: we love to brag on the awards our customers receive on orchids they purchase from us, so if you get an award on one of our orchids, let us know about it and we’ll brag on you! Just send us the award details, and a photo we can use here on the site (we always credit the photographer!), and we’ll post an announcement here in “news”.

Epi. stamfodianum ‘In The Pink’ HCC/AOS

The Basics

Believe it or not, we still get phone calls asking what our hours are, what the admission charge is, whether or not we’re open on any given day. Goodness, we’ve been here at the same location, with the same hours (and the same admission charge) for more than 40 years! We’re open 6 days a week, 9am to 5pm, closed on Mondays and a few major holidays. We escort garden tours on Saturdays and Sundays, weather permitting, at 11am and 3pm. Garden tours for groups can be arranged with a prior reservation. Check out the contact page here on the site. Oh, and there is no admission charge.

Now Showing

Amazing things are blooming in the garden right now! We have flowers on the both the jade vine and the Indian clock vine, many of our most spectacular cattleya species are flowering, and we have blooms on a lot of dendrobiums, tolumnias, epidendrums and more! Please come see all of this stunning tropical beauty on one of our free weekend garden tours!

On The Road

Next week, Mike is traveling to Barbados to chair AOS judging at the Barbados Orchid Society show, “Orchid Masquerade” at Balls Plantation, Christ Church. This is always a beautiful show on a gorgeous island! Mike will be traveling with several other AOS judges for this bi-annual event. We’re jealous!

Calendar Note

We will be closed on Easter Sunday, April 16.

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