July Special #1

2017-07-01 This month we have a pair of free-flowering jewels for you! Aerdv. Krailerk Gold ‘Lemon Starburst’ (Ascda. Bangkhuntian Gold × Aer. lawrenceae). Tall stems of beautiful lemon-yellow [...]


A big round of applause for Paola Moseley, of Cutler Bay. Paola won the grand prize orchid collection at our Summer Sizzler Sale this past weekend. Here she is with Mike and all her loot, an [...]

June AOS Awards

Judges at the West Palm Beach Judging Center of the American Orchid Society [AOS] granted three flower quality awards to R.F. Orchids’ entries last month. We are very honored to have received [...]

Now Showing!

South Florida residents know that we have had a lot of rain this past week. In fact, we’ve had more than a month’s worth of rain in just a few days, and June is typically our rainiest month. So [...]

May AOS Awards

We’re thrilled to announce our most recent flower-quality awards from the American Orchid Society. At their regular May meeting, judges from the West Palm Beach Judging Center granted five flower [...]

Two FCCs and an AQ!

During our spring sale weekend, at the Pan American Orchid Society show, we were elated to receive two FCCs, two AMs, and an AQ/AOS on our entry of 12 plants of Vanda Will Riley. This is the [...]

Consumer Education

“Monkey” Orchid So, we get a lot of calls and emails asking if we have “the monkey orchid”. The short answer is no, we do not. But we get enough inquiries about this that we think a little [...]

AOS Awards in March

AOS Awards in March We were honored to receive two more flower-quality awards from the American Orchid Society last month. At their March meeting, judges at the West Palm Beach Judging Center [...]

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